Do you think you’re fully covered by a Medicare program?


Whether you’re already on a Medicare program—or getting close to enrolling -There are a few things you truly need to know. These tips will help you avoid huge expenses -And relieve a whole lot of stress for you and your loved ones down the road.

Medicare is a great program benefiting millions of My Fellow Texans -But the federal government is trying to contain Medicare costs by tweaking benefits all the time. In other words—reducing them—even if you don’t realize it.

A Medicare Program Doesn’t Cover Everything.

Here’s the deal -You could wind-up overpaying thousands of dollars out of your own pocket. And long-term care coverage may be too expensive -Which is why you probably don’t already have it.

The reality is—there’s no bed like your own. And if you suffer an illness or have an accident the last thing you’d want to do is recover in an unfamiliar hectic environment like a hospital room—or nursing home. Incidentally—long-term care policies are prohibited from paying short-term recovery care claims.

If you’re like most of us—you’d prefer focusing on recovery in the comfort of your own home. Think about your situation -You May be reaching that age when preparing for future care is necessary. Relying on Medicare may not be your best choice for recovery care. Plus—if non-skilled care is all the doctor orders—Medicare never covers it. So—if you’ve put off planning for future care—a short-term home health care policy may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Short-term coverage can pick-up where Medicare leaves off -Covering care in your home—assisted living—or a skilled nursing facility. Even costs you think Medicare should cover –but may not always. It could even help with hospital and prescription drug copays.

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