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Companies aren’t allowed to charge more for using me. Going directly to carriers’ -You’ll lose my services.

Hi, this is Bud Griffin..! One question I get asked a lot, when I’m interacting with folks is:

  • Bud, how do you get paid?

But an underlying question, that doesn’t get addressed, they’re not asking -because, they probably don’t want to be rude is:

  • Can I get a cheaper premium -if I deal directly with the carrier?
    • And the answer to that question is no!

Again, companies are not allowed to charge people more for using the services of a broker.

  • Remember, whenever you deal directly with a carrier -you’ll lose my services.

My main job is being a local advocate for my friends and policyholders.

  • In other words, I’ll go to bat for you, when things like claims or utilization issues come-up.

Beware, if you deal directly with an issuing company -your monthly premium will be exactly the same.

  • But, you will miss enjoying my advocacy services.

Learn what insurance companies never tell you!

I hope this helps. Read more, give us a local call at 806-350-7380 -or, book a friendly chat now. Thanks!

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