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Support Questions

Q: How do I get started? Use the form on this site to book a friendly chat -or, give us a call…

Q: Why should I use Our services are FREE -and, there’s no-obligation to enroll.

Q: Which is better -Medigap, or Medicare Advantage? It really depends. Everyone’s situation is different. There’s no plan out there that best-fits everybody.

Q: Which plan do I need? After a short discovery interview, we’ll look at the top-rated carrier’s in Your zip-code to find Your Chosen Plan.

Q: If i’ve had a plan in place for a while, can you find me a better one? Usually we can. Every plans’ premium will eventually go up a little, due to perceived risk as you get older.

Q: If I buy one of your plans, will my premium ever change? Yes, they all do. But, Companies are always coming out with new plans to compete in an ever changing environment.

Q: I’ve been told Plans C and F are going away – How will that affect me? If you buy one before January 1, 2020 you’ll be able to keep it and the benefits will not change; but, companies will not be allowed to sell plans C and F after that time.

Q: My friend likes his Plan J – Can I get one of those? No, Plan J is no longer available; but, anyone who has an old one can keep it.

Q: Which Medigap plan covers prescription drugs? Some Medigap policies sold before January 1, 2006 included limited prescription drug coverage -however, Medicare Supplement Plans sold nowadays aren’t allowed to offer Part D coverage. If you want to enjoy discounted prescription drug government subsidies you’ll want to join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, offered by Medicare approved private companies.

Q: is there a waiting period?

Q: If I have health issues now – How does Medicare treat pre-existing conditions?

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